POEM ‘An Indium Morning’ by Piet Nieuwland

An Indium Morning

Between Te Whara and Paepae o Tū
Pohutukawa elbows knotted
With an asymptotic curve of fine holocene sands
Taonga islands drifting through a sifting, shifting lens
Where we landed,
Cloud caverns of frontal activity loom
A spring tide in spring pulls the dunes down
Ice plants melt in the white sun
In a season of fires
A red kete, red tee shirt
Ebony bikini, blushing cheeks
Red billed gull quartet
He korero , plays the ivory surf
The fertile ocean carved whakairo
Into literatures of foam and air
A pizzicato for children
Ngaruaroha, her cello, violins
Trembling like the toiling clouds
Haere mai te kara
Ka nuku nuku
Ka neke neke

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