Christmas ideas supporting Northland writers

Yo! Christmas is upon us and you have to buy your loved ones a book. You simply have to – it’s Jesus’ birthday, after all. What would the king of the Jews choose? Perhaps he’d shop at one of our fine local second hand bookshops with a great selection of Kiwi writing. Jesus would recommend The Piggery on Walton St or perhaps Kamo’s two fine second hand book shops. Go on, support your Northland writers. Some ideas:

1915: Wounds of War by Diana Menefy, Millennium by Peri Hoskins, Trish Nicholson’s Inside Stories for Writers and Readers, or maybe Vaughan Gunson’s This Hill, all it’s about is lifting it to a higher level.

There are links to many North auth websites via this page, where you can find out more about our diverse local writers.

Go. Spend.


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