New poetry collection – ‘Big Love Songs’ by Vaughan Gunson

“This collection has its origins in reading some old Renaissance poets writing about love. There was an elegance and restraint that I enjoyed. Another influence is all the albums of love and heartbreak I’ve listened to over the years. This book is my ‘Nashville Skyline’. One thing that Dylan does that I had in mind when writing was his slipperiness when it came to the love object, is the “you” he’s singing about a woman, a friend, a child, God, an ideal, or his Muse? I wanted that same ambiguity. While some of the writing comes from experience, a lot doesn’t (though I’ve maintained the personal ‘I’, which I love in other people’s poetry). Don’t read too much into my real life – this is creative writing! Anyway, I’m very pleased with how it holds together as a collection of mostly short poems which almost form a narrative, but then not quite, an effect I like. There’s been a lot of hard work put into this book, more than anything creative I’ve done before. If you do get a copy I hope you’ll get something out of it. The aim was to convey some emotional truth about our experiences of love and desire.

“If you’d like a copy let me know. Cost $30. It’s printed on quality eco-paper.”

“Big Love Songs is an extremely enjoyable collection, full of poems which intensely lyrical, sensual and moving.”
– Alistair Paterson, ONZM, poet and editor


A fine roughness, the cover
excites my finger tips

the cloth dirtied in places
by love’s oily hands.

No wider than a finger
the spine, which arches

towards the poems, bound
in wisdom and rhyme.

I fold the cover back
and press a thumb

deep into the density of pages,
parting near the middle

to read again the words
that bring us to this line.

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