Manuscript editing options up north

I’ve just had a good experience with getting a manuscript assessed by novelist Tina Shaw. She read the novel and gave five pages of feedback for a great prices in a very short time so I said I’d scratch her back – advert and link to Tina’s services below.


Manuscript editor Tina Shaw: Take your manuscript to the next level

Experienced manuscript assessor, Tina Shaw, can point you in the right direction. A professional assessment may look at the strengths and weaknesses of a manuscript, give an overall picture, and also offer editorial suggestions and comments. Various aspects discussed could be characterisation, the use of dialogue, structure, and the effectiveness of the work. This kind of assessment aims to guide the author through a further draft of the manuscript and tidy up any potential pitfalls that the author may be experiencing.
Tina is the author of numerous novels for children and general readership including The Children’s Pond, and edited the Bateman New Zealand Writer’s Handbook (6th Edition). She has been a professional manuscript assessor for more than 15 years, and is a member of the NZ Association of Manuscript Assessors (NZAMA).
Contact for a competitive quote. Editing and private mentoring also available.


It’s essential to recognise the Northland locals who perform manuscript assessment services though. They include:


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