New ebooks from NorthTec tutors and students

Forming a Picture of You: A Small Book of Poetry by [Payen, Justine, Baddeley, Kevin]River Crossing by [Menefy, Diana]The Little Bullying Book: Freedom for adults and teens from the effects of bullying by [Megget, Wendy]

On this Diploma of Applied Writing course at NorthTec, they teach how to chuck an ebook online. Some of the recent e-novels and e-short stories e-published on Amazon and Smashwords which you should check out include:

Wendy Megget’s ‘The Little Bullying Book

Diana Menefy’s short story ‘River Crossing’

Janine McVeagh’s young adult novel ‘The Trouble With Water’

and ‘Forming a Picture of You’ poetry collection by Justine Payen and Kevin Baddeley





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