Creative Writing Student Releases Haunting Debut Novel

Michelle Rhodes will submerge you in a world like no other

After a series of strange yet beautiful dreams, NorthTec student Michelle Rhodes asked herself two questions: What if a pale, water-breathing girl really did exist? And how was she going to bring her to life?Salt Skin by Michelle Rhodes cover

Salt Skin is the compelling tale of Sunlight West, a misfit teenager with an intense fear of the ocean. As Sunny learns more about her cursed bloodline, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself.

Rhodes drew inspiration for the paranormal novel from the Bay of Islands where she lives. While writing, she constantly reminded herself of her intention—to make an impossible concept feel believable.

“Deep inside the ocean it is very still. After I drown there is a moment of nothingness. It lasts until I feel the broken shells beneath me and remember who I am. My name is Sunlight. My heart is beating. I’m alive.”

When Sunny moves to the forgotten town of Procellae Bay, she doesn’t expect much. Plagued by devastating storms and shrouded in myth, it is a disturbing place. Amongst the shadowy residents, whispers flourish – of an ocean curse and ancient sacrifice – and the locals who trust in the old stories watch her, their chilling eyes laced with accusation.

Being back near the water is her ultimate fear. Haunted by the memory of nearly drowning as a child, she’s convinced the sea is calling her again. At night it breathes against her windows, luring her down to the moon-drenched tide and into the deep.

Mesmerising and unforgettable, Salt Skin will stay with you long after you finish reading.

Available on Amazon as both a paperback and e-book.


About the Author:

Michelle Rhodes lives in Paihia, New Zealand. She is in her third year of study towards a Diploma in Applied Writing, and in 2015 won the NZ Society of Authors Northland Award for excellence. Her poem, Desert Dreaming, and a short story were published in NorthTec’s anthology, Dancing on Air. She is currently working towards her editing qualification. When she isn’t writing essays and proofreading manuscripts, Michelle is reading and writing fiction.

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For more information, please contact Michelle

021 214 7905

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