WANTED: Reviewer for Karen Phillips’ ‘A Question of Blood’ Short Fiction Collection

Ahipara author Karen Phillips won the BNZ Katherine Mansfield Short Story Competition Novice Award in 2009. This is NZ’s premier short story writing award. Less than ten years later, publisher Steele Roberts has put out Karen’s first collection of scintillating short fiction. a question of blood.jpg

Today, Karen continues upholding the proud tradition of great NZ short stories, publishing short fiction in New Zealand literary magazines.


Would you like to be the first in the country to review this collection? Comment below this story with your name and contact details and reviewing experience and we’ll wing the book your way.  We’re hoping your review can be published in one of Northland’s newspapers or magazines to give some more exposure to Karen’s work. 



A fourth-generation farmer with no one to inherit his farm; a daughter concerned about her aged father going to Antarctica; college kids pumping gas; a clash of cultures in Turkey; an office cleaner who discovers something unethical in a file … These situations, and others the characters in Karen Phillips’ stories find themselves in, are familiar to us all. The ways they come to terms with them are explored with empathy and an understanding of human nature.

Everything else you need to know:



2 thoughts on “WANTED: Reviewer for Karen Phillips’ ‘A Question of Blood’ Short Fiction Collection

  1. Hi have you got a reviewer for this collection? I did a Masters in Creative Writing at AUT and my thesis/novel was based in Ahipara which I have visited numerous times. I would be interested to look at this collection and am sure I can put together a review: Catherine McNamara, 0276009401


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