POEM ‘Rivers of Silver’ by Natalya Newman

The rivers ran with silver,
In the dwarven kings’ domain,
But then, but then,
The invaders came.

Far beneath
The places orcs creep.
A battle rages.
Blade against blade
Metal singing out in protest.
Magic burning holes
And killing many.
Wounding many more
In a struggle for victory.
Blood flowed freely
From the wounds that burned and bled.
The loss was great but surely,
Loss for a good cause
To ward off the invaders
That invade our humble home.
Our mines that we have worked on
For countless years and more,
Treasures untold in our caverns,
Gems and silver and gold.
But the invaders won out in the end,
Driving us from our home,
Now as we wander the lands,
We wonder the lands alone.
None would take us in and help,
None would save us.
So we built a shelter,
Which grew into a camp.
The camp grew and thrived,
And grew into a town.
The town was successful,
And grew into a fortress.
We grew and thrived as people,
And many years after,
We marched from our home,
Joyful, filled with laughter.
We then reclaimed our homeland,
As the invaders did before,
Those many years ago,
When the rivers ran with crimson,
Within the boundaries of our home.


“I have lived in many places and met many people. I used to live in England and moved to NZ around 7 years ago. I have live in Ararimu, Dairy Flat, Pirongia, and finally, Matapouri. Northland is a beautiful place and I have met great people here.” – Natalya Newman


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