Moneyland novel: young readers respond

Youngsters on Wattpad have been digging Moneyland, a novel created for youth readers in 2017 thanks to support from crowdfunders in Northland and beyond.

Head over to Wattpad, where Moneyland is free to read online chapter by chapter, and see the book from an audience’s perspective.

Some of the fan responses from Wattpad: 

“I thought it was a very good book. I liked the character progression of Eden, and I think your book was pretty accurate because most books are not realistic and everything ends up perfect.” – Anastasia_1019

“I just completed reading MONEYLAND. Loved the concept and also the the ending which is quite rare for me.” – RedheadNation201

“I personally thought it was brilliant!! I couldn’t put it down, the book came across as very realistic in the terms of what could happen if people were to be cut off from the outside world.”

– unicorn_sparkles99 


“I loved it ! I’ve been recommending it to my friends .I read plenty of wattpad books and none that I’ve chosen at random so far this month have left an impression and this one has. *time to fan girl a bit* Pretty sweet writing and I liked how your ideas came to life on the page. I hated people and then loved them […] A book that’s made me look and my friendships and freak out a bit but otherwise as I stated earlier.I loved it !!”

– reader Nai_Lanie 


“WOW! … I found the connection to real life, with politics and class systems relatable. The messaging around value/money and people, very deep! I shed a tear as Eden came to the end of her journey in the dome… You told the uncomfortable scenes vividly. It wasn’t obvious that something bad was about to happen, or at least how bad the death would be. I can’t read this stuff usually, I’m more positive and fluff haha, but the way it was written you couldn’t stop reading it!”

– Kelly Stratford


“I’m deffinitly absorbed in it now… It establishes the privilege or lack of that the characters have had most of their lives. Eden is very unlikable, thats what made it hard to get in to but once it moves forward you still hate her but you really want to know what happens next. Its intelligent to read and well written, each of the characters has their own voice and dont appear to fall under one tone of the “writers voice”. The mumshine thing is great. Makes me want to call my mum that. It has everything a young adult novel needs but its not shoved in your face. Like the love story goes in between side characters not the main one.”

– Aroha Bell

“I’m on chapter 40 now and i absolutely LOVE it!!! I really don’t know how it will end but the changes and struggle eden has endured is amazing. Having been a teen mom myself i really related to that but also could not imagine doing all the things she has done in that environment. Watson is so weird yet lovely but i hope he doesnt take hope and i hope eden and hope get to see mumshine again. I cried over omar!

Ahhh i just really love it and know no matter what happens it will be great! I am such a fan of your writing style and storytelling!

Loved it. Love it. Thank you for sharing!! I have been going through some rough stuff lately but having something good to read has helped a lot. I hope its okay i have recommended it to everyone i know haha! “

– Haley O’Connor


“Moneyland is a well-written, engaging and clever novel. As such, there is not much that needs to be improved on or changed. 

There are only minor inconsistencies with the novel. The story flows well and is written purposefully. The characters are well-developed and believable. The main character Eden follows the arc of a true protagonist […] Esther, on the other hand, is quite a contradictory character, who at times acts as in a caring motherly way towards the group, but at other times can be quite cruel. I personally found them to be slightly confusing, but they do not in any way distract from the story and the other characters.

The strongest part of the novel is perhaps the ending. It is clever and engages the reader well beyond the last page of the novel. ‘Moneyland’ is a novel that deserves to be published and should make the author proud of his accomplishment.”

– Irena Ljubobratovic 


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There has also been a recent review of Moneyland on Bobs Book Blog…

Moneyland by Michael Botur. Pub. 2017. 

This book for high school students and young adults will give you a bit of a jolt. The language is choice in places and it is about some of the most loathsome teenagers I have ever read about.

The scenario is a good one though. Take a group of teenagers, give them a million dollars each and put them under a glass dome world for a year to fend for themselves. Can they do it without imploding?

The novel starts with the words being spat out like the author was in a fit of pique and it keeps up a torrid pace. Eden is a teenager who wants to lose her virginity and get the million bucks and have a cushy life. She may very well get the first option but the cushy life is way off the mark.

All the characters are shockers. They bully, talk badly to each other, have no sense of direction, have no clues of how to organise themselves, have no loyalty and basically deserve what is coming to them. Did they have a choice? Well it is set in 2037 in a World dominated by robots and mechanical Artificial Intelligence beings. Most humans have no work and no future and divided into two camps – Mech lovers or luddites. Perhaps this is a dystopian future.

Ideas in this novel seem to be drawn from Stephen kings TV series The Dome and William Goldings Lord of the Flies with the language spoken by the characters much like Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange.

I did like the novel but English teachers are probably going to throw their arms in the air in horror. Check it out some will love it. It is totally irreverent.

Where you can get yourself a copy of Moneyland:

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