Books for babies! Whangarei’s new online shop Niche Books

Niche Books specialises in books designed for babies, toddlers and children to enjoy time and time again.

Niche books

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…
Niche Books board books are intentionally designed with the very youngest of the family in mind, to reflect their present life experiences. Read more about books and reading with babies and The Bookstart Series.

Niche Books’ vibrant non-fiction picture books combine compelling illustrations and language to tell fascinating stories that are also factually accurate.

Tips from Niche Books for reading with babies:

  • Pick your moment – when baby is awake and ready to communicate, and at first, keep it brief and be guided by baby’s level of interest.
  • Avoid distractions and get comfortable – indoors or out, sitting up, lying down, you choose. And definitely turn off any of the technology competing for your attention – TV, computers, radio etc.
  • Hold the book close enough for easy focus, touching, and even tasting. At this stage, books (and everything else) are for experiencing holistically!
  • Turn the pages slowly – let baby set the pace and conversation.
  • Your baby loves to hear your voice – join in the pattern and rhythms of these small stories and enjoy yourself. Bounce, dance, sing, snuggle, tickle, have fun!


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