Join Mangawhai Writers like Bevan Lawrence

Mangawhai writer Bevan Lawrence has just published his latest ebook, The Nephilim Strain.  Bevan lawrence

You can check out his work at Xlibris*, where Bevan has written many novels.

The synopsis of The Nephilim Strain:
It is the story of the Nephilim or Scralian people, who lived about 5000 years ago. A scientist uses DNA from their bones to increase the lifespan of people he considers worthy, however some drug agencies try to copy the formula and this gives a disease opportunity to infect large numbers of the population.
*Note from editor- Xlibris is not recommended as a publisher – see thousands of complaints online.

Bevan calls for Northland writers to join Mangawhai meet-ups

From The Mangawhai Focus April 23:

Local writer Bevan Lawrence is about to release a new book, The Nephilim Strain on Kindle, about an obsessive scientist bent on holding back age.

Bevan is one of a number of locals with published works from novels to poetry and children’s books, these include Roy Vaughan, Jacquie McRae and Amanda Lyne.

Doubtless there are many others who, at a certain stage of life and a change of circumstances, realise they have had stories inside them waiting to break forth but for a little opportunity encouragement and guidance. Bevan is interested in forming a group with those wanting to write their story, record a family history, or maybe turn a hobby into a ‘how to’ book.

“Perhaps there is a child’s book inside you that you want to dedicate to a grandchild, or possibly publish recipes or travel dairies, or place a tide marker in the river of time and write a memoir,” he says, adding that networking with like-minded people can turn such ideas a reality.
He hopes to put illustrators and authors together or provide ghost writers for stories that need to be told.

Bevan writes under the pseudonym of Richard M. Hogan and therein lies another story.

Initially he seeks interest from those that would like to be part of a writers group for mutual discussion and help get the word out – literally.
If you are interested contact Bevan at, (09) 480 1949 or 027 617 6521.

Bevan Lawrence wants to form a group of like-minded writers and creatives.


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