Whangarei Author’s Witch of Wyckham Series

Kaitaia-born author Kate Hargis has released the first two books in the Witch of Wyckham series.

Kate, who now lives in Whangarei with her husband and their three sons, says she was always an avid reader. “I dabbled with writing in the past, but had never polished anything enough to consider publishing.  That was until the start of 2016 when I suddenly found myself in front of my laptop with an insistent heroine inside my mind, begging for her story to be told.”

Fast-forward two years and three manuscripts later, with a half-finished fourth also in the pipe-line, and we find Kate, too impatient to go through traditional publishing routes, instead deciding to self-publish the first two books in the series through Kindle Direct Publishing.

‘Awakening Ivy’ is the first book in the Witch of Wyckham series, followed by ‘Entangling Ivy’.  Book 3 will be out later in 2018, with book 4 scheduled to follow in 2019.

The series follows Ivy, a young, small-town witch who, just discovering her powers, is forced to learn quickly when suddenly thrust into the middle of a supernatural investigation.  She meets the Lazarus brothers, Rangers who sacrifice their lives to keep the general populace safe from things-that-go-bump-in-the-night and need a witch on their side.  One that knows what she’s doing!

Uncovering a danger close to home, along with discovering that one of the brothers has a dark secret, Ivy realises she needs to get good at this witchy stuff before it’s too late!  Tragically left with no-one to learn from, she’s forced to make a deal for knowledge that could mean binding herself to an unknown devil.  “But better the devil you know, right?”

Entangling IvyAwakening Ivy


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