‘Finding Magic In Me’ by Haylee Ward

Haylee Ward has published the children’s book Finding Magic In Me and would like to share it. 

It’s about the healing power of unconditional love – that’s something we can all get behind. 

Want to read it? Click on through.


“Previously I’ve struggled finding FUN kids books that express morals, how to be one’s authentic self, to truly love one’s self, non-judgement, finding passions and how healing unconditional love is,” Haylee says, “So I wrote “Finding Magic in Me. It’s worth reading until the end which is the powerful part.”

“I began writing Finding Magic in Me when we moved from the city to the country, living offgrid in a caravan with our three adventurous kids, amongst 10 hectares of land with two random horses. Initially we had no power or water. I used torchlight to write my storybook. Our family cleaned ourselves in the sea or refreshing waterfall. Did we need all those luxurious items in the shipping container? We worked out the most important thing is to love oneself and each other whilst loving experiences that are presented to you.”

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