New books from Northland authors – May/June 2019

The First – the Walsh brothers and the aeroplane days of Edwardian New Zealand.’

by Terry Moyle of Kaiwaka. 

Coming 2019 after four years of work. 

Check out Terry’s fascinating artwork at Contour Creative Studio 

Terry Moyle the First

Terry is also author of:

art deco nz



Also check out this book by Jade Kake, which has been published by Bridget Williams Books:

Rebuilding the Kāinga – Lessons from Te Ao Hurihuri (coming September 2019)

Home can and should be a source of wellbeing, a place that connects us to our whānau, community, land, culture and history.

Pre-nineteenth-century Māori society was complex: rich tribal economies were built and flourished, and there was a focus on valuing the whenua and resources that supported all. The dominant form of settlement and the focal point of social and economic activities were Kāinga (unfortified villages). However, colonial settlement and the discriminatory policies of successive governments disrupted social structures and severed the connections to Kāinga. Today, the home ownership rate for Māori is well below the national average and Māori are over-represented in the statistics of substandard housing.

Rebuilding the Kāinga charts the resurgence of contemporary papakāinga on whenua Māori over the last three decades. Kake draws on innovative international models to sketch out a vision where Māori are supported to build businesses and affordable homes on whānau, hapū or Treaty settlement lands – and describes the policy direction needed to make this a reality.

While you’re waiting on the book, check out Jade’s TEDx talk

Jade Kake


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