Book launch: Taking the Plunge by J. B. Reynolds

Taking the Plunge by J. B. Reynolds launched at Whangarei Central Library October 12

Taking the PlungeJody Reynolds launched his first novel, Taking the Plunge, in the May Bain room at the Whangarei Library on Saturday October 12th. 

Everything you need to know about the book is here

Sometimes all you need is a leap of faith…

When her husband’s recent infidelities are exposed, Kate Hensley does what any sensible woman would; she kicks him out of the house and pursues a younger man. Could her snowboarding instructor, Evan Randall — blue-eyed, blonde, and gorgeous — be the solution to her problems?

If only love lust were that simple.

Gossip travels fast in the high-country, and while Kate’s new BFF supports her romantic endeavours, it seems no one else does. With opposition to her amorous adventure mounting, Kate learns that Newton’s third law applies to love as it does to motion, and she must decide whether the price of being true to herself is one she’s prepared to pay…



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