Breaking Free – Lifestyle coaching blog with coach Christine Zeschniok

Breaking Free – Lifestyle coaching blog

Whangarei’s Christine Zeschniok has been sharing blog advice about mindfulness and self-improvement during the COVID-19 State of Emergency – surely the most stressful emergency the majority of New Zealanders have ever experienced. 

Her words and advice can be found at

A sample of Christine’s recent communications…

Monday April 20- Where to from here?

In the past three weeks we have all had the time and opportunity to reflect on our current way of living. A lot of us have been in a situation where they have not been able to run from their thoughts, as we humans tend to do when things get uncomfortable. This has made the past three weeks of lockdown even harder for some of us.

It’s not ‘just’ being at home instead of the safe escape of the work desk, or being unable to see friends and family, missing general social interaction and connection, trying to engage the kids; it’s the uncertainty of ‘What next?’ and ‘When?’

But we have all been, more or less (thanks to Netflix!), ‘forced’ to reflect upon the way we live.

Two things I have witnessed and experienced during this time:

People are either running from or embracing any form of change: People are running from their truth, their desires, upcoming questions, feelings of failure, self-criticism, and doubt. They get frustrated and annoyed with themselves and the world. While at the same time, feeling helpless and not in control of their situation.


Other people seem to be embracing what is: They are action-takers, solution-finders, actively setting new standards and priorities for themselves, establishing new routines, valuing self-care, focusing on what is good, and as a result becoming creative in their approach to deal with this time of lockdown.


Isolation seems to point the spotlight on how we perceive ourselves, resulting in a magnified response to the current changes and challenges: We are seeing around us, either accelerated or stalling personal growth.

People seem to either: Overeat – Prioritise self-care

                                           Drink more alcohol – Focus on health

                                           Get lost in boredom – Be busier than ever

                                           Lose joy – Get creative

                                           Get frustrated – Find new solutions

                                           Watch Netflix – Value quality social time

                                           Lose their spirit – Redefine their spirit

There seems to be a theme dividing us, which is letting things happen to us versus making things happen for ourselves.

Choose carefully which side you want to be on. After all, it is a choice.

This choice can be made easier by asking yourself: What are my overall goals in life?

Where do I see myself in ten years from now?

And which path that I can take now, is most likely to get me there.

Remember the steps to create more awareness and open your mind to new ways of thinking.

What we must do, in order to tap into our unique power and discover who we really are:

Pause: Acknowledge and hold space for the stillness around you. Be kind to yourself and accept your feelings without judgement.

Reflect: Ask yourself these two questions: What do I want to let go of as a result of this situation? What part of my life do I want to go back to where it was before lockdown?

Reframe: Look for new opportunities in the things you would like to change in your life. How could the current situation be interpreted or put into perspective differently?


Change your mindset, change your life.


Stay safe, stay sane!


Have a great week and chat soon,


Christine Z


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