Craig Foltz’s Hokianga video poetry

Craig Foltz (US/NZ) is an artist and writer who has lived in Auckland for almost two decades.

His website is divided into parts of speech. Check out his Hokianga poem video.


About the book Locals Only: An Outsider’s Insider Perspective on Aotearoa  :

“A US exile gets lost in the Aotearoa bush—EXACTLY what he wanted. These poems range with exuberant humour and intelligence from tourist traps such as Franz Josef glacier, to Maungapōhatu and other places more out-of-the-way than you could ever imagine. Sometimes it takes an outsider to find the uniquely absurd sights and rhythms that ensure we’ll never look at home the same way again. “A collection that says maps are as mutable as minds, and that you can deepen the question and deepen the answer and still come up with double zero. In fine textures, this book suggests the act of expression is still an act of hope and that’s about all you can hope for I think.” – Nikki-Lee Birdsey (author of Night As Day) About the author: Craig Foltz is a writer & visual artist whose work has appeared in numerous journals, anthologies & galleries. He has previously released two books on Ugly Duckling Presse. He currently lives & works in New Plymouth, pinched between the wild & remote west coast & Mt Taranaki. You can purchase LOCALS ONLY from Compound Press:… To order wholesale for your bookstore contact Expensive Hobby: You can find out more about the author on his website:”

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