Would you like to help Speculative Fiction Writers of NZ? They could use you…

Want to meet other authors and network beyond your local groups?Keen to make use of all those awesome non-writing skills you have?Want to bring your own interests and enthusiasm to your favourite speculative fiction group?
Then join the SpecFicNZ Core!

Join the Core and boldly go where you’ve never gone before!There’s no need for previous experience—just a willingness to pitch in and learn as you go.Projects for which we would love extra helping hands:Revamping the SpecFicNZ website Engaging online as part of our social media presenceOrganising workshops, retreats, and other eventsPursuing grant moneyOrganising programmes and projects such as our member reviews, catalogue, and anthologiesComing up with new and fabulous ideas for initiatives for our membersThe Core meets monthly via Zoom. Email admin@specfic.nz to register your interest:

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