Book promotion by Henry Roi PR – an affordable and effective service for Northland authors

Henry Roi PR is a public relations service for authors of most genres. Our Twitter service focuses on blog and Amazon reviews.

We get our clients an average of 20 book reviewers and 1,000 Twitter followers, every month, for just $60 USD.

Finding reviewers for your book is time consuming, and paid services are expensive and don’t always deliver.
We invite you to take a look at our work and compare our prices to other services.
Our current list of clients includes four publishing houses – Crime Wave Press, Close to the Bone, Odyssey Books and Hellbound Books – and several award-winning authors.
Please have a look at the Reviews section of our service Page to see what former and current clients think about our service:

20 book reviewers, 1000 real Twitter followers, every month, for just USD$60.

Please check out their website, Twitter or email for more information.

How can we help you?
General book promotion
We specialize in recruiting reviewers who review on Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram or their blog. For $60 we will find authors an average of 20 reviewers in a month. (See here for other pricing options)
Social Media presence: Our review package above includes building up your twitter following by an average of 1,000 followers.
Using online resources: We can also provide advice and help on all aspects of online presence, including, using facebook to promote your book or your brand, and Amazon advertizing and promotions

Media presence:

We can work with you to secure online interviews, podcasts, radio and TV

Your book release
We can work with you to develop an effective strategy for your book launch (or relaunch), including cover design, cover reveals, publicity materials, advertising.

Blog tours
We have three subsidiaries that arrange 4 or 7 day blog tours ($100/$175).

Blackberry Book Tours:

Tours of books for children from birth to young adult.

Blackthorn Book Tours:

Dedicated to dark fiction, hosting tours in crime, thriller and Noir, the entire spectrum of horror, and dark fantasy.

Black Coffee Book Tours:

Dedicated to general fiction, including historical, contemporary and international; we don’t do romance, erotica or chick lit, but outside of that we are open to suggestions across a broad canvas.
For books that fall between genres, we will always work with authors to agree the most appropriate tour group to host the promotion.

All of our tours create a burst of media publicity for your book, with three reviews a day appearing in blogs, on Goodreads, Amazon and other sites, and intensive publicity throughout the period on Twitter and Instagram.

Editorial services
In some cases we can arrange proofreading and copy editing in house, to ensure that your book is perfectly ready for publication.

For authors who need more support in preparing their book, we work with a partner organsation, Sand Scribes, who can provide anything from mentoring as you work on your book, through to a full ghost-writing service.

Commissioning our services
Our prices
For Book Tours, see the dedicated Blackthorn and Blackberry pages.

For general book promotion, our prices vary depending on the service(s) that you want. Most of our clients work with us on one month renewable contracts ranging from $60 to $150. More elaborate packages are available through our partner Sand Scribes.

We are happy to discuss your needs with no obligation. If you decide to go ahead, we will build a package that meets your needs and your budget. To discuss how we can work with your, reach out using the contact form below. Tell us about your book and where you are in your publishing journey, and we’ll try to help you get where you want to go.

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