Fresh poetry from Northland’s Briar Wood

Briar Wood is an internationally published poet and is an experienced creative writing teacher. She tutors Poetry and Cultural Studies at NorthTec. briar wood picture larger

Her poem Kuramārōtini is published on The Spinoff this week. In Maori mythology, Kuramārōtini is the wife of Hoturapa, with whom Kupe once went fishing in Hawaiki.

You can find some of Briar’s recorded work online at The Poetry Archive. Here’s the link ([0]=sm_field_poet%3Anode%3A192628 )

Briar’s debut poetry collection,  Rāwāhi, is to be published by Anahera Press in October. Rāwāhi is a radiant work where sky-borne sealines are inspired by earthly encounters, Anahera says. Rāwāhi will be produced with a gorgeous front cover image by artist Reuben Paterson.



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