POETRY Two poems by Maureen Sudlow



He had no family there
just three good friends
staying in shifts
to ease his passing
and when he could no longer
eat, or drink
they smuggled in good whiskey
to wet his lips.


Only thirty minutes away
she said
you must visit Rangi’s Point
you’ll love it
she said
she didn’t mention
winding shingle roads
up steep slopes not wide enough for us
and the logging truck we met
on a tight bend
by driving off the road
she wouldn’t have known
about the two little Maori boys
free-wheeling on a bicycle
waving to a truck driver
suddenly wobbling
into the centre of the road
brakes, and a sharp intake of breath
as we just missed them
Rangi’s Point
was blue water and mangrove roots
further away than thirty minutes
unless your driving
is suicidal
If you meet that woman
don’t listen to what
she says

Maureen Sudlow’s collection Antipodes can be found and bought here

‘Maureen Sudlow’s work crackles with detail, her poems like crisp autumn leaves. She writes of human misunderstandings and displacements, but grounded in nature and a sense of what endures in our lives. It’s also great to see an accomplished writer of haibun including this form alongside contemporary poems.’ Owen Bullock, New Zealand poet. – See more at: http://www.academybooks.co.nz/product/isbn/9781927242698/#sthash.spt4ERH9.dpuf


I have no idea why I can’t find the book on publisher Steele Roberts’ website..

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