Wild Side Publishing: Big Success in Little Ruawai

Wild Side Publishing has amassed a catalogue of over forty titles – pretty impressive for a publisher run out of Ruawai while Auckland and Wellington book companies are struggling. 

Specialising in e-books and NZ Christian genre titles, Wild Side Publishing is operated by Ray and Janet Curle. Janet – under her Janet Balcombe name – did well with The Wild Side when it was released in 2016 and became a finalist in the Ashton Wylie book awards. 

Ray Curle with Janet
Ray and Janet Curle

Janet’s story revolves around conquering “a feral meth addiction” in another life, which included kidnapping.
Janet says she didn’t know she was a writer until 2014 when what was then entitled Take a Walk on the Wild Side was published.

Janet also headed the 2017 collection Radical Lives Vol 1, a collection of true stories, with Vol 2 soon to be released. 

Check out Wild Side’s impressive catalogue here. 

Get in touch with Janet –  janet@thewildside.net .

radical-lives-vol-i Janet Balcombe the wild side

One thought on “Wild Side Publishing: Big Success in Little Ruawai

  1. Please send a message to Bruce Galloway.
    My brother Neil has just given me a book of Bruce’s biography. Just tell him that I am gobsmacked.
    Absolutely fantastic.
    Tell him that I am humbled yet so pleased and proud to read his writings. He is a special guy to our family.


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